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Cloud Joint Science and Technology

CLOUD UNION Overview : Cloud Union believes that cloud technology will make life better. Meanwhile, we believe that cloud technology is not only just for big company, but also for common people. Therefore, Cloud Union makes video games easily accessible as movies and music. In China, Millions of Chinese enjoy their life in Cloud Union cloud gaming

platform. No matter TV, Mobiles, Mac and PC, gamers can enjoy cloud gaming everywhere. No matter console games or online games, Cloud Union provides all kinds of games for everyone. Because of Cloud Union’s outstanding achievement, Intel and Softbank invested Cloud Union for tens of millions. Be shocked by Cloud Union amazing technology, China telecom and China Unicom cooperator with Cloud Union in cloud gaming, pushing cloud gaming services to 400 million broadband users in China. Moreover, BesTV and Wasu choose Cloud Union as the only partner in cloud gaming area. There are 20 million users to enjoy Cloud Union’s cloud gaming services in China.